Biggest scaredy cat of the year

Every photo has a story.

San Pedro de Atacama dessert. Chile, 2012.

The road was taking us to the Laguna Miscanti, at approximately 4,100 in altitude. The traffic sign that warned us for animal crossings made specific reference to llamas. We later found out that the sign didn’t serve to prevent cars from hitting llamas, but rather that upon a sighting of the animal, to make sure that the car slow down in order not to scare the llamas. Llamas are so sensible that even a scare can cause a heart attack. Since 1994, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) formally recognizes the llama as the “biggest scaredy-cat of the year”, an award they give with both pride and hesitation. Maria, a graphic designer at virgen extra, provided us with this beautiful picture and story.


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