JetBlue is different.

JetBlue isn’t the biggest airline. They don’t have the most planes, most employees, or largest global footprint. They don’t offer the most direct flight routes. Yet, the company is responsible for ...
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Every photo has a story: A day, infinite. The color red. Faint and universal and ours. Bed. The reason why the light doesn’t meet. Why we miss the perfect corner of light. The right angle of ...
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Don’t ever go.

Every photo has a story: “Don’t ever go”, she said. “Where?”, I replied. That was not the right response. There were about a million things that could have come out of my mouth ...
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Maybe, just maybe.

Every photo has a story: Maybe, just maybe. True self-understanding is justifiably nonexistent. More counterfeit perception, less material knowledge. More subjective science, less objective art. Unlike them, we’ve never met ourselves.  Photographic renditions of ...
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