Virgen extra / Miami

Miami is a vibrant city filled with optimism. It sets the stage for a diverse ecosystem and the ability to connect with people and companies from all over the world. And that’s just what we aim to do from our office space on Lincoln road, which we invite you to visit anytime. We’ll be delighted to talk shop, tennis, or swing by that really good Mexican joint right around the corner. 

Ben Hillman

Chief Operating Officer


Pilot. Horticulturist. Rugby pro. Thespian. Ben is not any of those things. He did, however, graduate from the College of William & Mary with a degree in International Relations. As an Executive Advisor at CEB now Gartner, he helped manage the research organization serving dozens of Fortune 500 companies in Latin America. He co-founded two financial service start-ups in Miami and sold them. He consulted for banking and other financial institutions to support the growth of their international portfolios. His experience with start-ups, large organizations, and those found in between has established an always evolving, well-rounded foundation to advance business interests. He has a passion for what happens when people, ideas, and a concerted effort are aligned by strategy.





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