Put your ego aside. Do what’s best for the brand.

Look around for a moment and acknowledge the hundreds of brands that surround you. There is exhaustive competition for every product, every service, in every industry, across every country, and on every platform.

Having a strong brand is key to differentiating yourself in a highly competitive 21st century marketplace.

You’re aware of this. In fact, it’s a priority for you and your company.

You’ve hired an agency and dedicated a team of experts to grow and protect your brand because you know that your brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they – your client or consumer or market – say it is.

So, why is it that you are still choosing colors, fonts, and images based on what you like? Why are your campaigns and advertising decisions based on your likes? Why does such a critical and strategic decision hinge on a personal preference so often void of anything other than your own, singular experience?

What matters is how your brand is perceived by your audience. Why? Because, at the end the day, they are the ones making the decision to buy your product or acquire your service.

Your brand must absolutely appeal to your clients or consumers or market.

Your personal preference and taste has to take a back seat to what is best for the brand. So, stop picking colors, fonts, and images based on what you like. These decisions – among many others – must be executed based on what they like.

Put your ego aside, trust the experts, and do what’s best for the brand.


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