The smallest detail is also the largest.

“The quality of a product is measured by the quality of its worst part.”

In other words, if you have a luxury vehicle in which all the parts are of the highest quality imaginable, but the key that turns on the engine breaks each time you use it, we have a very bad vehicle. Period.

No matter the leather upholstery, custom paint job, or high-performance tires, if the key is bad and the engine doesn’t start as it should, we would have a hard time calling what we have on our hands a luxury vehicle.

The same thing happens with brands.

A company can have a beautiful logo, a unique typography, and a complete brand manual, but if the client receives an email from that company, and that email is poorly designed, with spelling mistakes, and its aesthetic and qualitative values are not recognizable, the experience that one has with that company will be reduced to that single email.

These are details. And that is precisely where the importance lies.

Brand experience is literally constructed in the details. If I am selling quality, that quality must always be reflected.  There must be quality in the invoices, portrayed on the website, in the way that the phone is answered, throughout the design elements in the office, and in the emails that are sent.

There are brands that do this fantastically. Think about the user experience at or at an Apple store, for example.

Curiously, these brands find themselves among the most highly valued on earth. Although, when pondering this for a moment, it’s easy to realize that there is nothing surprising about this fact. Rather, it’s a logical consequence that is a result of realizing that the path to success is in the details.


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