Every company does branding but what if they actually meant to?

Here’s the thing: branding is not optional.

Why? Because branding is the experience that every consumer has with your brand. By way of any and every medium. At any time of day. At any stage of the consumer process with your brand. Whether it be a service or a product. Whether it be a premium product or the most affordable commodity in the market.

Unless you have a company with no clients, you engage in branding. You ‘do’ branding every time you pick up the phone, pick out shirts for your employees, submit an invoice, or decide how to address and ultimately resolve a dispute.

And guess what? You and your company are exposed with every single one of those interactions.

Your brand finds itself in a perpetual state of consideration by the client or consumer. That consideration may be positive. Or negative. And 99% of the time, there is something you can do – a strategic action you can take – to accomplish your desired objective.

Now, we have established that you ‘do’ branding (whether or not you want to), so the question becomes, “how well are you doing it?” Uncovering the answer to this question and determining the ways in which it can be improved is critical to the success of your company.

Because here’s the thing: branding is not optional.


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