Smile. You’re on camera.

That’s the feeling we get today. That everything is being filmed, recorded, photographed, and seen.

On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, the new platform launching tomorrow, and the one after that.

The word ‘share’ comes to mind when pondering such a disposition for social exposure.

The word ‘diffuse’ is another example, one that presumably gives functionality and utility to this perpetual sharing of ideas, events, emotions, and of course everything else.

We’d like to believe that sharing is noble.

And that it’s possible to share valuable information and treasured works in a positive way.

In our case, we hope to project certain values of things and people and work that we sincerely admire.

We hope that you’ll find our journal useful.

That you see things that inspire you.

That you see things that inspire us.

And that it makes you smile.

What we are certain of is that with that smile, in that moment, there will likely be someone or something to register it.

So have a read, and if you wish to share your thoughts on this platform, they will be most welcomed.

See you around!


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