The copy book

Today, we opened up our ‪#‎brandlibrary‬ to talk about: The Copy Book

‘Storytelling’ is an essential word in the process of creating an identity for a company. A brand must tell a story that speaks to their target market. There are words and there are images. Images and words. It’s a fundamental relationship in building an identity.

Today, the word ‘storytelling’ is mainstream and ubiquitous. But the intelligent use of words and fine copywriting have been around for a long time. And in this book, some of the best writers provide us with a glimpse into how they think and approach their work.

As an aside, we think that companies should spend more time thinking about what really makes their story unique rather than merely focusing on telling a story for the sake of a story being told. Thus, an original story will organically evolve into a captivating message helping a business to grow.


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